Welcome to the Children's Ministry!

At Underwood Baptist Church we believe that children are a precious treasure from God. Our programs, activities and events are designed to teach boys and girls that God loves them and has an exciting plan for their lives.  The children’s department offers a variety of activities for children of all ages to get involved in throughout the year, including: Little Lambs Bible Club, Kid’s Zone, Vacation Bible School, Kid’s Kamp, road trips, and much more. Click around our website and feel free to contact us with any questions.

**Beginning Sunday, Aug. 4, we will begin a brand new schedule with worship at 8:30 am and 11:00 am, and Sunday School at 9:45 am. Times for various ministries below will change accordingly.**


The Preschool Department opens 15 minutes before each service (Sundays at 8:45 am & 5:45 pm, and Wednesdays at 6:15 pm). Each time a preschooler is brought into one of our classrooms, he/she is involved in a well-planned, Christ-centered teaching program taught on his/her level of understanding. A Biblical foundation is laid through teaching your child about God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, self, others, family, and the natural world. Our Preschool classrooms sometimes hum with quiet activity. Sometimes they are loud and boisterous. But, that is ok! There’s learning going on!


We have teachers who are carefully screened for our classrooms. For security, two teachers are assigned to each room. Our teachers are here to invest their love and time in the life of your preschoolers.


Our ministry looks forward to partnering with you to teach your child. As partners, the home and church can build spiritual foundations that will last forever.



At Underwood Baptist Church we have very high standards for teaching and caring for babies and young preschoolers. We know that so much spiritual development can take place during the very young years.  Some of the ways we seek to maintain quality involve:


  • An emphasis on teaching and not just “babysitting”.
  • Every time we meet, every child hears about Jesus.
  • Security procedures for leaving and picking up preschoolers, and use of text messaging for quick notification of parents when needed.
  • Policies and procedures for cleanliness. A clean room with clean toys and equipment is one way of saying “you are important” to a child.
  • Providing Bible teaching material for all Sunday School teachers of preschoolers.  Parents are given material to use at home to provide Biblical teaching for their child.

Sunday Morning Sunday School
Time: 9:20 am & 10:20 am

Our Preschool Sunday School is designed to equip children with the basic knowledge of Bible stories and Bible truths. Our goal is to teach each child about Jesus. Application is made from scripture to everyday living. We work to make children’s Bible study fun, creative and exciting. Three, four and five-year-olds have an opportunity to participate in a weekly Memory Bible Verse program.



Wednesday Night Little Lambs
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm

Our Little Lambs discipleship program focuses on building the character of God in the lives of preschoolers ages 1 1/2 to 3 years old.




We offer a church nursery for every Worship Service. The  Nursery will open for Preschoolers ages birth-4 years old during Worship Services.


If you are planning to visit our church for the first time, here's a quick overview of what you can expect.

Come by the nursery counter and check your child into our database system. We will ask for the following personal information: family member’s names, children’s names and birthdates, family address, phone number, and any special instructions for your child (stickers are provided to help alert teachers if your child is potty training, has allergies or any other special needs). Once your child’s checked in, one of our volunteers will be happy to show you the age appropriate room we have created for your child. We use text messaging to contact you while you are away from your child if needed.

You and your child will be given matching identification tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child’s name tag portion will be placed on his or her back and the matching end will be given to you. The identification tags have numbers that are matched to your portion during checkout at the end of the service. At the end of your visit please, return to the Preschool Area and go to your child’s classroom and show your tag to the teacher. Your child will then be released safely back to you.

If you have any questions or concerns while visiting, please stop by the Nursery counter and one of our team members will be there to help you.

K-6th Sunday Ministry

Sunday School

K-6th grade at 9:00 am

4th-6th grade may choose to attend Sunday School at 9:00 am or 10:20 am and attend worship in the Sanctuary during the opposite hour.

Children’s Church
K-3rd grade at 10:20 am

Sunday School and Children’s church provide a time of building foundational truths in the lives of children. Your child will be challenged weekly to a deeper faith in God.

Kid's Zone

Kid's Zone is our 4 year old through 4th grade ministry that meets on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in the Children's Building. This exciting program is for all kids four years old thru the 4th grade and is specially built with your child in mind.


Kid’s Zone is:

  • Christ Centered – It’s all about kids knowing God, loving God, and serving Him.
  • Value Driven – Character and faith will be taught.
  • Creatively Wired – Lessons from the Bible, fun music, games, hands on activities and mission projects are all incorporated into the program.
  • Family Centered – Parents can find support and know that the focus each week will be on God.
  • Kid Friendly –  Visitors are always welcome!
  • Volunteer Fueled – Kids will get to see each week that people care and want to help them!



4-5 yr olds  – Room D129

5k-1st grade – Room D127

2nd-4th grade – Room D218


All Kid’s Zone kids who are 4 years old through the 2nd grade need to be signed-in in the Children’s Building by a parent or adult who brings them. The teachers are ready to receive kids at 6:15 pm.



Fusion is a ministry designed just for “tweens" and meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm upstairs in the Children's building, room D204. It’s a great opportunity for 5th and 6th grade students to learn about God and prepare to crossover into the student ministry once they reach junior high. At Fusion, we have great leaders who challenge the kids through God’s Word to know God, love God, and give the students opportunities to serve God. Kids are also led to talk about things that are happening in life, such as: peer pressure, how to live out their faith each day, choices they will be faced with, leadership, and much more. They’ll definitely be challenged, uplifted, and encouraged.


Growing with God

Jesus said, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” Mark 10:14b-15

It is always exciting when a child makes a decision to follow Christ. At Underwood, we take that decision of faith seriously and want our children to walk confidently with God from the moment they make a decision and throughout the rest of their lives.

Growing with God is a three week course designed for children who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The children talk about sin, learning to grow in Christ, reading the Bible and how to share their faith with others. You can contact the church office if you would like for your child to get involved in this class.


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